Pros and Cons of Home Rubber Flooring Pros and Cons of Home Rubber Flooring

Home rubber flooring is a popular floor covering option for home owners. It can be effective in many areas but is not the best flooring for all rooms. Be sure to consider the pros and cons of rubber flooring in order to determine the best flooring option for your situation.

Aesthetics and Comfort

Rubber flooring is soft and easy on the joints and feet. It provides comfortable support for long periods of standing. However, it is not the most eye appealing floor covering option. It is not the best choice for a room where you wish to add to the décor and design with the flooring. Rubber flooring also tends to have a smell that is not generally appealing.


There are many rubber floor covering products that are manufactured from recycled materials. The use of recycled materials helps in the reduction of negative effects on the environment. If you are planning on installing a rubber floor, check to see if there is an eco-friendly product that would work well in your situation.


Rubber floor covering can be tacky under foot, making it difficult to easily step from one foot to the next. This product may also have a greater risk of fire because of its flammability.


Rubber flooring typically has a long life. This durable product can become worn over time but the worn tiles can be easily replaced without replacing the entire floor covering. Spills on rubber floors can be somewhat difficult to clean.

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