Pros and Cons of Lead Anchors

Lead anchors are anchors that are used on very specific tasks. You will find that they have a lot of benefits as well as some drawbacks that you should make yourself aware of. Know when and where to use them so that you can understand why they will be a good idea sometimes and a bad idea other times.


One of the pros of lead anchors is the fact that they can be used to hold up to 25-30 pounds of weight. If the item that you are hanging tends to pull the anchor away from the wall, then you may want to stick closer to 25. If it does not, then you can get closer to 30 pounds.


A con of lead anchors is that they are not very easy to install. Because they typically go into brick or concrete walls, it is harder to drill them into place. The more heavy duty the anchor, the more effort you will need to put forth during installation.


Basically, it all comes down to what you will need to use your lead anchors for. They go great in brick but are not really worth using on other materials for other things because they are so difficult to install.