Pros and Cons of Owning a Copper Vessel Sink

A copper vessel sink can make an attractive addition to your bathroom. Vessel sinks add style and distinction to any bathroom. These sinks are small basin-like features designed to sit on top of a bathroom counter. Some of the popular materials used for vessel sinks are glass, ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, soapstone, terrazzo and copper. Many homeowners like copper fixtures because of the uniquely natural beauty of the metal. If you want to give your bathroom an elegant touch, try a copper vessel sink. Some of the pros and cons to owning this sink are given below.

Durable Natural Finish

Unlike other metals, exposure to the elements has a beneficial effect on copper. The reaction of copper with moisture and temperatures creates a thin film known as patina. This film evolves with time into various colors that enhance the beauty of the sink. The patina also acts as a protective layer for the sink as it helps to prevent corrosion. This living finish adds character to the sink due to its constant color changes.


Copper sinks have unique anti-bacterial properties which other metals and materials lack. This is partly because of the non-porous nature of copper. It makes it difficult for bacteria to penetrate into the sink. Studies have established that bacteria are able to survive for just a few hours on copper sinks. However, bacteria can thrive for several days on sinks made of other metals or stone. A copper vessel sink contributes to improved sanitation in your bathroom.

High Sustainability

Copper is 100 percent recyclable. This helps to reduce the demand on precious environmental resources. The metal has a remarkable high sustainability as it can be melted, forged and shaped as many times as necessary. This in no way detracts from the quality of the final product. This helps to uphold green priorities.


Copper has a unique timeless beauty. It doesn’t go out of style. Whether you want an old world look or a modern bathroom atmosphere, a copper vessel sink helps you achieve your desired décor.


Copper sinks are amongst the most durable available on the market. Quite often, copper fixtures are one of the few items that will remain intact in buildings that are several centuries old. The protective properties of the patina finish also add to the durability of your copper sink. Patina prevents corrosion.

Adds Value to Your Home

Most copper vessel sinks are hand crafted and incorporate unique artistry. The sink easily enhances your bathroom décor and helps to define your lifestyle. This boosts the resale value of your home.


Copper vessel sinks require special care to maintain them in good condition. You need to clean the vessel regularly with mild soap and water. You must also ensure you dry the sink after each use. If you overlook this, water spots will develop. The vessel will also develop an uneven finish which spoils its appearance. If your copper vessel sink has a glossy finish and not the patina finish, this needs to be waxed and polished once a week. If not waxed, the sink becomes dull and discolored.