Pros and Cons of Owning a Corner Kitchen Sink

A corner kitchen sink.

There’s no doubt that a corner kitchen sink can look dramatic. It’s unusual and eye-catching. How useful is it really, though, and what are the pros and cons of having one in your kitchen? Both do exist, and before going ahead with a corner kitchen sink in your own kitchen it’s well worth examining them.


Most people have the kitchen sink by the kitchen window. That’s not just to have a view as you work. It also gives light to help you chop food over the counter or wash dishes. You can see what you’re doing. In most instances, a corner kitchen sink won’t be by the window. That means you’ll need to have the kitchen light on whenever you’re working at the sink, which stands as a definite minus. Artificial light is never as good as natural light.


Almost invariably, the dishwasher will be located right next to the sink. This is for plumbing purposes. It also makes it easy to rinse dishes and then stack them in the dishwasher prior to washing. A corner kitchen sink makes that a great deal harder. With a corner kitchen sink, having the dishwasher right next to the sink poses big problems. With the dishwasher door open you won’t be able to stand at the sink to rinse the dishes and load them. That will lengthen the process and make it much more awkward.


In terms of appearance, a corner kitchen sink will certainly stand out. People will remember it. In a house that’s for sale it could prove, at least initially, to be a good selling point. There’s nothing wrong with a dramatic appearance and affect-as long as it’s functional. A corner kitchen sink will give a larger area of counter space, which can be useful.

Sink Size

The trend in recent years has been from a pair of sinks side to side to a single, larger kitchen sink. The angle of the sink precludes having a large sink in the corner, so it’s harder to wash roasting pans and large saucepans easily. The sink simply isn’t as functional as it could be. In a kitchen, that’s not a good thing. You need to have the room be both dramatic and functional.


A kitchen corner sink precludes two people working side by side at the sink-chopping vegetables, for instance. This might seem like a minor failing, but it’s actually an important one. With a corner kitchen sink, there’s just no room to move around by the sink. You’re literally trapped in a corner. You also have a greater problem keeping the area clean, and unless you have specific items that will fit into the corner, the space around the sink will generally be wasted.


Most of the factors above weigh against a corner kitchen sink. That said, it has to be a personal decision. If functionality isn’t of prime importance to you, the design can be startling. However, if you need a truly useful sink, it’s not for you.