Pros and Cons of Owning a Granite Kitchen Sink

A granite kitchen sink always looks good and is a stunning focal point in the kitchen, especially against a good countertop color. A granite sink will generally be long lasting. However, there are both pros and cons to having a granite kitchen sink, and it’s worth knowing both before deciding whether to buy one.


Perhaps the most important consideration with a granite sink is the weight. Granite is a very heavy material, far heavier than most sinks, and so it needs additional support. You need the room to provide this, and also the equipment, whether it’s a reinforced countertop or additional support underneath. This will also affect the cost of installing the granite sink. Unless you’re very capable, you’ll need to use a professional for the installation of the granite kitchen sink in order to be certain it’s done properly.


Compared to other types of sink, a granite kitchen sink is going to cost a great deal more. Because of the costs involved in making it, the granite kitchen sink is expensive. It’s something you need to be certain you want to keep around for a long time. Rather than just a functional tool, a granite kitchen sink is an investment.


There are two types of granite kitchen sinks. One is made from a solid block of granite, and this will be much more expensive. It takes longer to make and uses more raw material.

The other type is made from slabs of granite that are joined together. These are cheaper and are essentially the offcuts of granite that have been put together. By their very nature, they’re not as strong or durable. If you drop something heavy into the sink, it could crack or break along the joins. It’s much better to spend more and buy a granite kitchen sink that’s made from a single block.


Not all granite kitchen sinks are porous, but some certainly are. These will need to be sealed regularly in order to protect the material. That’s extra work and expense for you on top of the cost of the sink itself. Failure to do so will see a gradual breakdown of the material.


A granite kitchen sink does require special cleaning, more than a traditional sink, and this can work against it. It’s important to only use a mild abrasive, or else you can end up scratching the granite.

If the sink becomes stained, you’ll have to use a special granite cleaner on it. If you do scratch the granite, then you’ll need to bring in a professional to remove the scratches. That’s even more money to spend. You should also have stone soap, which you can buy at hardware stores, to use on the granite. It will help give a good shine to the granite.


There’s little to compare with the look of a granite kitchen sink. This can outweigh all the other factors if you really want a stunning kitchen. Be aware, however, that granite won’t go with all kinds of kitchen décor.