Pros and Cons of Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Plastic outdoor furniture is the preferred option for many people. We all like to spend time outside when the weather is favorable. The outdoor furniture can have a great impact on the whole experience. The colors, comfort level, ease of cleaning are all important factors to consider when purchasing furniture for your patio, deck or garden.

Advantages of Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Plastic outdoors furniture is highly affordable. For the price, you can get durable, long lasting material that can look very attractive in your backyard. Plastic outdoor furniture is available in many different varieties, shapes and colors. You can even choose plastic chairs and tables that simulate the look of wood, with none of its drawbacks. Unlike wood, it will not rot, nor will it rust like metal.

Plastic furniture is much lighter than wood or metal. You can easily move the pieces around and change the arrangement as you wish. When you want to store the furniture, you can stack them on top of each other and keep them indoors. Plastic outdoor furniture is also very easy to clean. You can use a mixture of mild detergent and water to effectively clean accumulated dirt and grime. Plastic is also resistant to stains and moisture. For regular cleaning, all you need is to spray the furniture with water from your garden hose.

Plastic outdoor furniture can be as attractive as much more sophisticated and pricier materials, such as wood or metal. With the price you pay for a set of plastic outdoor furniture, you can replace them several times for the price of a single set of wood or metal furniture. If this sounds environmentally unfriendly to you, consider furniture made from recycled plastic. These options offer affordability, convenience, beauty and ease of maintenance.

Drawbacks of Outdoor Plastic Furniture

One of the drawbacks of plastic furniture is its fragility compared to other pricier materials. In comparison to wood or metal, plastic will not last very long. It can fade and undergo structural damage easily. It can also break without much force. You must protect it from inclement weather, whenever possible.

Because plastic furniture is so light, there is a significant disadvantage with regards to stability. Whenever there is heavy wind or rain, you may find the furniture scattered all around your backyard. With some wind, a plastic table with an umbrella can also topple over. This makes plastic an unreliable choice in areas that often see severe, windy weather.

Although your new plastic outdoor furniture may look like real wood or metal when you purchase it, the real material will show through in no time. Plastic does not have the natural elegance and beauty of wood or metal. It will deteriorate much faster than either of the two materials and you may end up spending more money in the long run. If you do not stick to recycled plastic, you could end up doing the environment harm. Overall, plastic outdoor furniture is a durable and affordable option, but only for the short term.