Pros and Cons of Reclaimed Wood Hot Tubs Pros and Cons of Reclaimed Wood Hot Tubs

A wooden hot tub is a great place to relax and ease your body. Many people have wooden hot tubs installed in their house for relaxing after a whole day’s hard work. The hot tubs are generally made of woods like cedar, pine or redwood so for the construction of a hot tub you need to have wood and if you are environmental friendly, then you can use reclaimed wood for the purpose of building these hot tubs. The reclaimed wood hot tubs would not cost you much and is definitely an easy way to get the relaxation and pleasure of a spa.


A reclaimed wood hot tub has several advantages and these are as follows:

  • The hot tubs have a healing capability and it is good for your body and health. Hydrotherapy is becoming very popular now and having a hot tub is the easiest way to undergo this. When you remain submerged in hot water for a long time the blood vessels dilate. Now as the blood vessels dilate the blood flow increases and so the various parts of your body get more oxygen and nutrients. These help in the fast recovery of fatigued muscles and also the damaged tissues are repaired quickly.
  • The reclaimed wood hot tubs are environmental friendly and they do not cause any kind of environmental degradation. These hot tubs are built from recycled and used woods which would otherwise have been thrown away. Thus the reclaimed wood hot tubs do not need fresh wood from the forest and reclaimed woods will solve the purpose just as well as new wood.
  • They have a solid construction and thus they are not damaged easily. These hot tubs last for a long time before you need to replace them. Even if you use them regularly, these hot tubs will last for at least 2 to 3 years. Thus you can easily say that it is a one time investment and you do not need to think about its replacement frequently.


Despite of many advantages the reclaimed wood hot tubs have a few disadvantages also.

  • When they are used indoor there might be some amount of water left on the wooden tub after usage. These places are the best place for the growth of various bacteria.
  • The room where you keep the hot tub have an excess amount of moisture and the temperature is also high. For this reason many air-borne bacteria can grow and spread various air-borne diseases.
  • Molds can grow in the joints of the wooden hot tub and thus the water can get polluted and unsuitable for use. They are hard to notice but can cause a lot of harm and many diseases.
  • In case of reclaimed wood hot tubs the options are very limited. It is difficult to fix a water jet or have a bubble producer which you can use in other types of hot tubs.
  • The maintenance cost is also not very low and if not maintained properly you will have to replace the tub.

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