Pros and Cons of Reflective Metal Roofing Paint Pros and Cons of Reflective Metal Roofing Paint

What You'll Need
Weather thermometer

There are many reflective metal roofing paints available on the market for do it yourself projects. Before going out and making the investment in these paints and making the time commitment to applying them to a roof, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Review the pros and cons of using reflective metal roofing paint and you will be able to determine if this paint is right for needs and the desired outcome you have for your do it yourself project.

Step 1 – Do You Need Heat Reduction

If you are looking to reduce the heat in the building or structure which has the metal roofing you are looking to paint then this may be the paint for you and your needs. This is because reflective roof paint
can deflect up to 85% of the heat hitting the roof. This means it can reduce the temperature inside the structure as much as 50 degrees in some conditions. If you are not in need of heat reduction this paint may be  a wasted expense. If you are unsure then measure the temperate inside the structure on a hot day with a weather thermometer and see determine of the contents of your structure would benefit from a temperature lower than what you register.

Step 2 – The Environment

If you are looking far an environmentally friendly paint and you are not in need of reducing heat in the structure then this may not be the paint for your metal roof due to it's contents. If you use air conditioning inside the structure with the metal roof then you will wan tot use this paint to reduce the amount of air conditioning which will need to be used to cool the structure thus making it more environmentally sound.

Step 3 – Chipping and Peeling

IF you are not in meed of heat reduction you nay want to look at another paint for your metal roof since this paint is know to chip and peel faster than traditional paints.

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