Pros and Cons of Remote Control Door Locks Pros and Cons of Remote Control Door Locks

Remote control door locks are amongst the best locking systems available on the market. Advanced technology is used to produce a convenient and secure locking mechanism. These systems use a remote control fob to open the door. To enter the house, you have to press a button on the fob which unlocks the door. You need not fumble with keys to get the door to open. Besides their convenience, remote locking systems beef up security considerably. This has made them popular with many homeowners. You may want to try this lock option if you’re on the market for a secure lock. Below are the pros and cons of remote locking systems.


The locks are an affordable lock option for homeowners. You can get locks in the range of $100 to $1,000. The wide price range allows you to get one that meets your home security needs.

Ease of Installation

With the right tools, you can install the lock yourself. Installation in most cases can be done in less than 30 minutes. The ease of installation adds to the convenience of the locks.

Flexibility in Design

You'll come across various styles and finishes of remote control door locks on the market. Whether you want a knob, lever, deadbolt or other style, you’re sure to get it. Some of the finishes available include antique brass, bright brass, bronze, chrome and nickel. This makes it easy for you to choose a finish that matches your home décor.


The locks offer you a more convenient way to gain entry into your house than the use of keys. The beauty of remote systems is that you can unlock the door in advance, some distance from the house. This is convenient if you have to carry in groceries or other items. You need not stop at the door and put down your cargo while you hunt for keys to unlock the door.

Enhance Security

Remote locking mechanisms go a long way to enhance security for your home. Many of them do not use keyholes which makes it difficult for intruders to tamper with. Alarms are integrated in many models. Should an intruder attempt to force the door open, the alarm will be activated. Some locks incorporate advanced encryption techniques to enhance security. The hopping code is also set to accommodate a virtually unlimited number of possible combinations. This makes it extremely difficult for burglars to hack the system.


Remote control locking systems are also durable. Many manufacturers give a weatherproof warranty of up to 5 years. You can also get locks with a lifetime warranty against intruder damage. This makes them a cost-effective security investment for your home. They also add value to your home.

Cons of Remote Control Door Locks

In the event that you lose the remote fob, it is sure to inconvenience you greatly. You’d have to contact the manufacturer to get a replacement fob. This may cost quite a bit of money. A smaller inconvenience is that the battery in the remote fob lasts for a couple of years after which you must replace it.

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