Pros and Cons of Silver Venetian Blinds Pros and Cons of Silver Venetian Blinds

The sleek look and reflective properties of silver venetian blinds make them a great addition to most decor types. Learn more about the pros and cons of silver venetian blinds below.

About Silver Venetian Blinds

Silver venetian blinds are made of aluminum with a brushed silver finish. They are usually quite narrow, less than 1 inch deep, with many vanes to a blind.

Pros of Silver Venetian Blinds

The silvery finish suits modern and contemporary decor, and also would look great in an Art Deco or Art Moderne style room based on designs from the 1920s and 1930s. Another advantage is that the silvery finish reflects both light and heat keeping your room cooler when the blinds are closed. Like most aluminum venetian blinds, the cost of silver venetian blinds is low. This is an important plus in today's multi-windowed rooms.

Cons of Silver Venetian Blinds

The narrow slats of these venetian blinds can be a challenge to keep clean and dust-free. As a result, these blinds are not recommended in households where people have asthma or other respiratory allergies. From an aesthetic perspective, silver venetian blinds do not suit traditional, Victorian or country decors. However, they can be concealed behind sheers or tieback draperies when the need arises.

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