Pros and Cons of Skeleton Door Keys

A skeleton door key  allow for a person to have one key and a duplicate key to open any lock within a home or building. This concept has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros of Skeleton Keys

One of the main reasons that skeleton keys and their corresponding locks have been used for so many years is because of their convenience. One key can open all or most of the locks in a house or building. A person always knew which key worked with which door. The lock and the key were also cheap and easy to produce which made them readily available to anyone.

The Cons of Skeleton Keys

A huge drawback to the use of skeleton keys is security. Warded locks, which correspond to skeleton keys, are very easy to pick. If security is what you are looking for then more secure styles of locks and corresponding keys are available. Another con to using skeleton key systems is durability. Many of the warded locks can be damaged easily and may take time to repair as many are now considered vintage.