Pros and Cons of Spiral Staircases

spiral staircase

For many people, spiral staircases glamorize a home. They make a lovely feature, especially after home remodeling or the addition of extra living space, such as a raised sleeping area. As with any home feature, there are a number of good and bad points regarding spiral staircases that need to be considered before you put one in your home. Apart from anything else, you have to decide whether a spiral staircase will look right in your house as it might just clash with existing features. Consider this advice on the pros and cons of spiral staircases before adding one to your home.

Advantages of Spiral Staircases

One of the biggest advantages spiral staircases enjoy is the creation of space. They don’t occupy the same amount of space as a regular staircase, so if you’re putting in a second story or a room addition, a spiral staircase makes an excellent option. That said, there are choices to be considered regarding a spiral staircase. The more gradual the climb, the more space the staircase will take for ease of use. If space is at a premium, you’ll need a steeper incline, which may present problems in itself.

You can buy spiral staircase kits to fit standard spaces. They are easier to assemble than regular stairs. They’re also often cheaper. If you’re on a budget, that can be a big advantage.

You can also buy pre-assembled spiral staircases; these offer more choices than kits or regular stairs. You have an option of using either wood or metal, as well as different styles of tread or ornamentation. Because of the wider choice, you will be better able to custom create a spiral staircase that’s perfect for your own home design.

Spiral staircases make good second staircases. They also have strong aesthetic appeal in the right situation. They’re a refreshing change from a central staircase, and can even be hidden behind screens. They also add value to your home, which can become an important point if you’re planning to sell the house.

Disadvantages of Spiral Staircases

The fact that spiral staircases take up so little floor space is also their biggest disadvantage. Almost inevitably, they’re going to be steeper than regular stairs; therefore, they are difficult for some people to use, especially the elderly. The circular movement as one climbs or descends can also be unnerving to some people. It can also present problems for large people or those unsure of their balance.

Although they’re fairly common these days, you need to be sure that spiral staircases meet the building codes in your area, especially if you’re going for a custom build on the staircase. Regulations cover them, and you need to be sure you comply with the rules.

To look good, you need a high-quality staircase that’s fitted correctly. If you make an opening that is too big for the staircase, it just becomes an eyesore. You will need to research thoroughly before fitting the staircase. Choose from appropriate designs and materials that will endure well. Spending money on pre-assembled stairs instead of having them custom built can end up costing more than a regular staircase if things go wrong during the installation process.