Pros and Cons of Spot Welding

Spot welding is one of the most popular forms of welding. It is the process by which 2 pieces, or edges of metal are joined together through heat. In this process you create overlapping metal at particular points or intervals. It is called spot welding because it makes a nice round weld spot, very neat and without any splatter spots. The amount of heat needed during the spot welding process is entirely dependent upon the type of metals being joined together. Before beginning your spot welding project, read on further to discover the pros and cons of this process.

Pros of Spot Welding

1 - Spot Welding is Quick

Spot welding yields extremely quick results. Because of the extreme heat, it adheres 2 pieces of metal together quckly, uniformly and efficiently. Since this process is relatively quick, it does not tend to distort either of the 2 pieces of metal (such as in car body panels, where this process is often used).

2 – Spot Welding is Cheaper

Spot welding saves production costs. It is much more cost effective to spot weld. It lends itself well to assembly line productions. Robotic use can be incorporated during the spot welding process.

3- Spot Welding is More Energy Efficient

Spot welding will save electricity and energy.  It is a much more efficient process utilizing energy and electricity more effectively than other types of welding processes.

4 – Well Understood

Spot welding is one of the oldest welding processes and is very well known. The process is fully defined and easily applies to many thin metals such as stainless steel, nickel alloys and titanium. It's frequently used in aerospace and automotive industries, however, improvements are highly sought after.

Cons of Spot Welding

1 – Spot Welding can be Weak

Spot welding cannot be used for thicker metal materials because it will not penetrate or form a good weld. Seeing as it is weak, spot weld projects and finished jobs are easy to break apart if you need to either dismantle the weld or redo it. In fact, in order to break apart a spot welding job, just purchase metal cutters and cut through the weld spots along the pieces of metal. Both pieces of metal will pull apart freely.

2 – More Space is Needed

Spot welding requires enough space to get the job completed the right way. It is very hard to complete in confined and small spaces.

3 – Spot Welding can be Ugly

It is not appealing to the eye. Generally used as an interior material process or as a process that will put 2 pieces of material together temporarily until the finishing touches are completed.

3 - The Process can be Dangerous

Welding guns are difficult to handle, can be very heavy and often require great strength. This makes spot welding very dangerous. High amounts of heat and current are involved in the process. Additionally, the welder is constantly around hazardous sparks and welding fumes. Welders run the risks of crushing their hands and fingers, they are potentially exposed to second and third degree burns and they risk possible eye injury from splashing metal.