Pros and Cons of Undermount Deck Brackets

When building a deck you need to use deck brackets in the construction process. The main reason you want to use deck brackets is so that they add to the support system of the deck itself. There are two main schools of design thought when building a deck. The first is to build them in a traditional way by framing the deck, adding the joists and then placing boards on and so forth. Another way to do it is by using a hidden system in which undermount deck brackets are used. The latter type of system has both pros and cons which are described here.


Building a deck in the first place is an expensive endeavor that can run into the thousands of dollars depending on materials and size. Using undermount deck brackets to create a hidden build can increase the cost by several hundred dollars. If you are looking to stay within a budget, using them is not feasible.


Your deck needs to last a long time to become a worthy investment. Assuming all of your materials are first rate and you take care of it regularly, the deck can last 50 years or more. Using deck brackets will help in the overall lifespan of the deck. They help to alleviate the pressure from the top of the deck by dispersing the weight. The corners where joists meet are also strengthened so that the deck can take more weight easily without warping or sagging.


Undermount deck brackets have to be installed from underneath the deck. This can be difficult due to the height restrictions under the deck and possibly your own health such as neck or back troubles. You will also need to use an angled screwdriver ito properly install these brackets. With a little practice and the right tools this process will become easier.

Smooth Look

If appearance is important to you, as well as durability and strength, using undermount deck brackets is certainly the way to go. When they are used the surface of the deck will be perfect. Your deck surface will have a clean and smooth look. Undermount deck brackets means that you will not have visible nails or screws on the top of the deck as they will all be underneath. This method reduces damage by moisture, warping, twisting, swelling and even rotting.


In normal deck systems you will often have board beginning to pop up and nails or screws becoming visible. When this happens you can injure yourself by stepping on a rusty nail, tripping over a popped up deck board or having a board move out from under your feet. Using undermount deck brackets prevents all of this from occurring. Instead of screws or nails fastening the boards to the joists the joists are fastened to the deck boards from underneath. Gravity takes care of the rest.