Pros and Cons of Using a Drain Cleaner

If you find that your drains are blocked or not as fast as they should be, what are the pros and cons of using commercial drain cleaners?


  • Commercial drain cleaners are easy and safe to use.
  • Because the drain cleaners work using a chemical reaction you are unlikely to damage the drain pipe.
  • No technical knowledge or machinery needed.
  • The drain cleaner usually does not have to be mixed – simply poured straight from the bottle into the drain.
  • There isn’t usually any bad smell when using a drain cleaner.


  • Although you trust the manufacturer you really don’t know what possible pollutants you are putting down your drain.
  • Drain cleaners are designed to attack a wide variety of substances so you are using a wide spectrum solution for what might be a single item problem.
  • Liquid drain cleaners don’t scour the pipes like cleaning rods do and will leave a residue that will start the blocking process again.

If drain cleaners clear your drains satisfactorily and you are happy to keep using them, that is probably the biggest ‘pro’ of all.