Pros and Cons of Using a Natural Gas Boiler

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A natural gas boiler meets the hot water needs for many homeowners. The boiler is fueled by natural gas, one of the cheapest fuels available for home heating. Other energy sources used to fuel residential boilers include propane, oil, and electricity. Perhaps you’re not sure about the suitability of a natural gas boiler for your house. Below are the pros and cons that come with usage of a natural gas fueled boiler.

Energy Efficient

Natural gas is one of the most efficient fuels for boiler operations. Less gas is utilized to heat water than fuels such as electricity or oil. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rate of natural gas boilers is estimated at 90 percent. This makes natural gas one of the most efficient fuels for boiler operations.

Cost Effective

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Natural gas is one of the cheapest fuels available for hot water supply. In most areas the cost of natural gas is relatively cheap. The prices also tend to remain fairly stable throughout the year. This helps to keep your energy costs on the lower side.

Alternative fuels such as oil are subject to market fluctuations. Maintenance costs for a natural gas fueled boiler are also low. This contributes towards the overall economical nature of the gas boiler.


Natural gas is a convenient fuel for boiler purposes. You don’t need to have a storage tank on site for reserve gas supplies. You needn’t bother to check the fuel levels or schedule for gas deliveries. Gas is supplied into your home pretty much like the municipal water supply. Natural gas also heats water faster than electricity. This adds to its convenience.


As long as you’re connected to a gas line you can count on availability. Supply is not disrupted during very cold weather when demand runs high. With electricity, power outages can disrupt hot water supply. Oil fuelled boilers, on the other hand, can also be hampered by market fluctuations which may cause oil shortages.


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Natural gas is one of the cleanest fuels available for boiler operations. You don’t get unpleasant odors when natural gas burns. Emission of greenhouse gases is lower with a natural gas boiler. This makes it an environmentally friendly fuel for residential boiler purposes.

However, a natural gas boiler is not without its disadvantages.

Costly Installation

The initial capital investment for a natural gas fueled boiler can run into thousands of dollars. Gas hookups must be available for your house. The piping system must be installed if unavailable. Due to the complexities involved in setting up gas infrastructure, it is best that a qualified technician undertakes the job. This adds to your overall costs. Should you move to an area that doesn’t have gas supply, it will render your boiler useless. High efficiency gas boilers cost even more to install.


Concerns over safety discourage some homeowners from natural gas boilers. Should a gas leak occur, it could create serious problems. Explosions and fires that result from gas leaks can cause fatal injuries to you and your family. Your property could also be extensively destroyed.