Pros and Cons of Using Biodiesel Fuel in a Vehicle

In light of the planet's dwindling resources, and that gasoline and diesel are becoming more expensive, there's a strong movement to use biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel fuel is very close to the petroleum products you're used to. This makes biodiesel fuel easy to use in many diesel engines. Biodiesel can be used in diesel vehicles with minimal or no conversions to the engine or the fuel tank. Biodiesel fuel is starting to become available more and more, made out of everything from corn to vegetable oil. There are both good things and bad things associated with using biodiesel fuel and the article below will cover some of those.

Diesel Engine Friendly

One of the best things about biodiesel fuel is that its properties mimic petroleum-based diesel. This means that you do not have to modify your engine in any way. If, however, you have a vehicle that runs on gasoline you would need to buy a modification kit and the see if someone is able to install it for you. If you have a good grasp of cars and repairing them then you may be able to install the kit on your own.

Environmentally Safe

The allure of biodiesel fuel is that it is safe for the environment. The biodiesel furl is free of sulfur, aromatics and is also biodegradable. The fuel, unlike gasoline, is non-toxic and using biodiesel fuel decreases acid rain.

Transport Safe

How many times have you been stuck behind a gas truck on the highway and not do your best to pass it or drop back. If a truck carrying kerosene, diesel or gasoline were to get into an accident it could catch fire or explode. Biodiesel fuel is perfectly safe to transport.

Vehicle Safe

Biodiesel fuel is also safe to use in your vehicle and your vehicle will actually benefit from it. Biodiesel fuel has a very high octane number which means your car with work effectively. Biodiesel fuel is also thicker than regular diesel which allows it to grease the innards of the engine. Biodiesel fuel will last longer as a lubricant which is not easily overheated and will not often seize.

Renewable Resource

This is the main reason that makes biodiesel fuel important. Diesel and gasoline which are petroleum based are limited while biodiesel is not.

Power Loss

Biodiesel, when compared to regular diesel, is lower in energy by 11-percent. This means a vehicle running on biodiesel will suffer a loss in power. This may cause the engine to be adjusted to deal with this loss and that can be a violation of EPA regulations.

Operational Issues

All vehicles, with the exception of electric, are built with petroleum in mind. Biodiesel fuel that is higher quality can cause problems in your engine. Some of these problems that may arise are fuel filter clogging, hardening of seals, breaking piston rings and injector choking.

Poor Oxidation

Biodiesel fuel gets thicker as temperatures drop meaning it can clog tubes and filters easily. Microbes can also grow in the fuel which will cause other problems. Keeping the oil warm is crucial in its proper use.