Pros and Cons of Using Ethanol Fuel

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If you've recently become interested in the subject of ethanol fuel, you should familiarize yourself with the various pros and cons associated with this type of fuel. This unique variety of fuel has garnered a notable amount of attention in recent years, and the next time one of your friends or family members raises the subject, you'll know exactly what to say.


One of the primary pros associated with ethanol fuel is the fact that it is burns cleaner than fossil fuel. With climate change now on much of the country's mind, this feature alone has made ethanol seem like a greener alternative to traditional gasoline. Another advantage of ethanol is the fact it gets better mileage per gallon than its fossil-based counterpart. As an added bonus, the corn needed to produce ethanol can be grown in the United States, eliminating the need to purchase fuel from abroad.


In addition to being one of the main pros associated with ethanol fuel, the fact that the corn can be grown in the United States is also one of the primary cons. For example, if a widespread drought were to occur, corn would become scarce, resulting in an increase in fuel prices. Furthermore, to produce enough ethanol fuel to accommodate all of the country's vehicles, a considerable amount of land would need to be set aside for the cultivation of more corn, potentially resulting in a decrease in the cultivation of other crops and an increase in pollution.