Pros and Cons of Using Fabric Softener to Remove Wallpaper Border

It is not usually difficult to remove wallpaper border but those that were installed on older homes may require more time and effort to strip off. If the border is not taken out properly, glue will be left on the wall. This can cause difficulty when you apply new paint or another wallpaper border. One method of removing wallpaper borders is with the use of fabric conditioner. This method requires mixing 2 tbsp. liquid fabric conditioner with a gallon of water, which is then scrubbed on the wall to loosen the paper from the wall.

Advantage of Using Fabric Conditioner

If you intend to paint the wall where the wallpaper border was, make sure that all glue is taken out. You can tell easily if there are still glued areas on the wall by wetting it and feeling it with your hands. Any slimy area would mean there is glue in it. This is where fabric conditioner is very effective. It can take out all remaining glue, making it safer for you to paint the wall.

Disadvantage of Using Fabric Conditioner

A fabric conditioner solution can stain the other areas of your wall, which causes the appearance of ugly streaks. You would need more time in stripping the glue since you will have to work in small sections to prevent smudging.