Pros and Cons of Using Maaco Car Paint

Advertisements for Maaco car paint state that the Maaco paint service is perfect for full body paint jobs, accident repair and touch-ups. You will also see the ads often listing the Maaco car paint service as being very inexpensive from $99.00 to $149.00 with many coupons available. As with any franchise business, there are good things and bad things about Maaco car paint services.

Cost of the Job

Maaco publishes their prices for their painting services, and they are often incredibly inexpensive. That cost can even be deferred as your insurance may cover the cost. This makes Maaco car paint affordable for just about everyone. Many other car painting services can run you several hundred dollars or several thousand. Keep in mind that the quotes normally presented in ads are for very limited services. A full service—which includes sanding, buffing and prepping the car—can run over $1,500.00 depending on location.

Beware the Franchise

Maaco car paint is a franchise opportunity. This means that if someone has enough money, they can buy the name and rights to use the Maaco system. A franchisee has to qualify and get training to run the service, but those who work in the service center may not be the best people for the job. This is one thing that you need to consider before using the Maaco paint service.

Before you make any commitment, research the location you are planning to use. Look at reviews for that specific location to get a feel for the quality of work.

Color Matching

Unless you are getting your entire vehicle painted being able to match paint in one area is difficult to do. Maaco car paint is not a standard brand of paint, which makes matching your color very difficult to do. If you have car damage that needs only minimal painting, you are probably better off using the paint service of your dealership.

Improper Painting

Many comments about the work done by Maaco car paint is that many times the painting is done improperly. This can include painting the car with doors closed, which can cause paint to pool in an area. Other issues like using the wrong tape to protect glass and streaking are also common complaints.

Specialized Painting

One area of car painting at which Maaco excels is in the field of custom paint jobs and using specialty paint. Many dealers will often have a stock selection of paints used regularly for the cars they sell. If you want to change the color of your vehicle to something not in their catalog, you will be out of luck. Maaco car paint services have many paints available and are able to mix custom colors. There are special paints that you may like to have such as metallic. The Maaco car paint service has metallic and other paint choices.