Pros and Cons of Varnish Finish for Wood Pros and Cons of Varnish Finish for Wood

If you have a piece of unfinished furniture, you may be considering a varnish finish. "Varnish" also refers to wood stains or sealants that don't cover the grain of the wood surface. Varnish may or may not be the best option for your furniture. This article will give you information on some of the pros and cons of a varnish finish.

Pros of a Varnish Finish

Wood varnish doesn't cover the grain of the wood furniture. In fact varnish soaks into the wood finish to enhance the natural wood color in furniture and also protect it from dirt, sunlight and water. Varnish offers one of the most natural looks of any product available. Varnish is also easy to apply and can be more forgiving in that brushstrokes are not nearly as visible as they are with paint or shellac. If you're looking for the most natural wood appearance for your furniture, varnish is an excellent choice.

Cons of Varnish

Although varnish provides a deep and natural wood grain finish, it can also dull or yellow over time. This is especially true if the furniture is placed beside a window or an area that receives a lot of direct sunlight. You must also take great care when mixing varnish; if you shake it instead of stirring, bubbles will be present when you apply the finish. Finally, cleanup of varnish will require lacquer thinner or mineral spirits. Some other types of finishes can be cleaned up with water.

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