Pros and Cons to Installing a Popcorn Ceiling Pros and Cons to Installing a Popcorn Ceiling

A popcorn ceiling is a particular sort of treatment for ceilings which you can either paint or spray on to the surface in question. This type of work on ceilings was especially popular among customers in the 1980’s. In recent days it has become popular again. The look of this ceiling design is one of artex and has that sort of appearance. When this was first used it included asbestos that was very dangerous. However, nowadays the asbestos is gone. There are pros and cons to installing a popcorn ceiling in your home or place of work.


Hides any Problems with the Ceiling

A popcorn ceiling has one advantage in that it can cover up anything wrong with your ceiling like things that don’t look nice. You can get a flat finish to your ceiling, but this will not hide any marks you have whereas the appearance of popcorn ceiling will hide such problems as leaks, damage, and cracks. They are most definitely an attractive and nice option to smooth ceilings if you like the design of them.

Cheap to Install

It is very popular again now to install this type of ceiling and one of the main reasons for this might be that it is very cheap and simple to install. If you paint a ceiling, you will find that it is vastly more expensive than this treatment. With this type of installation you can just easily spray on the liquid to complete the job. Additionally, it will provide a reduction in noise as the texture of the ceiling will better absorb sound.


Difficult to Paint

One disadvantage of a popcorn ceiling is that the texture used is very rough. This means in turn that it is very hard to paint over when completed. You may need to take this into account before installing as you will no doubt have to redecorate at some point further down the line.

Difficult to Repair

Another big disadvantage when it comes to an installation of this type is that performing repairs on them can be extremely difficult. If the surface does get damaged at any point then this can make repairing it hard. This is the case if you get a leak or other ceiling damage such as a crack. It will, unfortunately not be right after this and the entire ceiling will have to be treated again from the start if you are looking for a perfect ceiling.

Cleaning is Difficult

As the surface of a popcorn ceiling is not smooth at all, this makes the cleaning of the surface very hard to do as you have to try and get into all the rough crevices that are there. For this reason alone, this sort of treatment is not really the right thing to install when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens. These rooms gather more dirt than others in the house. They should have smooth ceilings if possible in these rooms.

Older Types Contain Asbestos

Some types of popcorn ceiling that were installed many years ago include asbestos which is of course, very dangerous. Modern installations do not contain this. Asbestos is now banned. If you think you may have a ceiling that contains asbestos before 1977, you should get this replaced as soon as possible.

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