Protecting a Canna Lily from Insects

Deciding to grow the canna lily in your yard or garden will bring a natural beauty and tropical look that is incomparable to other common perennials. The foliage is lush and green and the flowers are colorful and gorgeous reds, yellows and others. The canna lily is often referred to as the tropical rose and there are certain insects and pests that are just as attracted to it as avid gardeners.

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Insects to Avoid

The good news is that deer are not attracted to the canna lily. The bad news is that slugs, snails, Japanese beetles, the canna leaf roller and other insects and pests are attracted to the canna lily. Curled or veined looking leaves are an indication that the leaves or flowers have been invaded.

How to Protect the Canna Lily

The best thing you can do protect the canna lily is to plant it next to a larger plant or next to your barn or home. You should also clean up any leftover leaves, flowers or stalks after the growing season is over. Using bait for slugs or snails and insecticide for other pests will help.

It won’t be hard to care for and maintain these beauties and the result will be worth any effort.

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