Protecting Wooden Toy Boxes

Protecting your wooden toy boxes will help prolong their usefulness and life. A wooden toy box is like any other piece of bedroom furniture that needs periodic maintenance to keep it clean and protected. This is especially true if the toy box is designed to look like a high-end piece of furniture. With a little TLC and some know-how, you can protect your wooden toy box and receive additional years of use and enjoyment from them.


Periodic cleaning is an important. Like any wood product, it can attract dirt, grease and grime that if left unattended can cause greater problems. Just as you will periodically clean all other types of wood furniture in your home, maintaining the appearance of your wooden toy box should be placed on the same cleaning schedule. Dusting and wiping with a damp cloth can be the only periodic cleaning you may ever need if this chore is conducted frequently. If dirt, grease and grime accumulate without wiping clean occasionally, a little more extensive cleaning will need to be performed. Using a mild wood cleanser and a soft cloth, add a bit of elbow grease to remove those stubborn crayon marks or other dirt and grime. Pay particular attention to hardware areas where dirt can hide easily. Also check along the lid edges and along where any trim molding is applied for “hiding” dirt. Use a good furniture polish as an extra coating for protection.

Repair Cuts and Dings

Use a color matching wood putty or filler to repair any cuts or dings. Sometimes you can obtain a filler “crayon” or pencil that matches the original stain that you can use as a one-step repair choice. Other larger cuts and dings may require a bit of sanding to reach the same smoothness of the original surface area. If you make repairs as quickly as possible to the time they are damaged, you stand a better chance of blending it to its original state.

Add Protective Trim

Adding protective trim can also have a great effect upon the lasting appearance of your wooden toy box. Over time, the toy box will receive a lot of abusive use. Protecting the edges with trim as well as the inner lid where it slams onto the frame can help sustain its life. Adhesive-backed rubber stripping–much like weather stripping–can be applied to the frame edges along the inside of the lid to absorb the shock when closing the lid.

Add Corner Protection and Casters

A great tip for helping to protect your wooden toy box is to install corner protectors that act like “bumper guards”, protecting the edges when they come in contact with other objects. These can be of a plain design or can even be ornately designed brass-plated metal corner caps. Get creative. Another idea to help protect your wooden toy box is to install casters so it can move freely about the room or house if necessary. Dragging a box can possibly damage it.

When cleaning your wooden toy box, always conduct a hardware and connection tightening inspection as an extra step toward added protection.