Protecting Your French Glass Doors Protecting Your French Glass Doors

One of the concerns that many homeowners have is how to protect their French glass doors against the threat of hurricanes or during extreme weather. While it is not possible to protect against every possible type of weather, very often storms have several days of warning before it actually hits, making it possible to protect the glass doors against potential damage from the storm.

Sealing the Glass

The easiest and most simple way to protect French glass doors is to nail plywood or another solid surface up around the door before leaving the home. Numerous homeowners who live in areas prone to severe storms have discovered that it is a smart move to keep a standard supply of plywood that is cut into the shape and size of their glass windows and doors.

During the off season, measure the size of all of your windows and glass French doors. Then, taking these measurements, purchase the plywood from your local home improvement center. If you do not have a table saw or circular saw available to cut the wood into the correct sizes, have it cut at the home improvement center. Then set the wood aside in the garage, storage unit or shed, ready for when it is needed.

When a storm threat is announced, simply pull the plywood out and either staple or nail it into place to protect your doors and windows.


Another good idea – particularly if the storm is expected to cause heavy damage – is to spray paint your homeowner insurance company and policy number on the wood so that your home can readily be identified in case you are not easily able to contact your homeowner insurance company.  Often, when there has been a particularly heavy storm, insurance adjustors are immediately available, driving through neighborhoods and making initial damage assessments.


If your French glass doors are damaged, then not only should the glass be replaced, but the frame should be assessed for damage. In severe cases, the entire door will need to be replaced. However, if the glass is damaged, then it is possible to simply install a new pane of glass and have it glazed into place.

Some homeowners take advantage of the opportunity to choose a different type of glass, particularly one like a tempered laminated glass that is resistant to breakage or damage in heavy storms.

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