Protecting Your Goji Berries From Pests

Like other fruit bearing trees, goji berries are attractive to birds, insects and other pests.

Best Defense of Goji Berries against Pests

A strong and healthy plant structure is the best defense against birds and other pests. Trees that are weak and unhealthy can easily succumb to diseases and other damaging effects of pests. So how can you make your goji berry trees strong? Use organic fertilizers to  keep the soil rich in nutrients, particularly during spring and summer. Goji berry trees that are planted in nutrient-rich soil are resistant to pests and other plant diseases.

Keeping Birds off Your Goji Berries

Cover your trees with special mesh netting to keep birds from getting to your fruit. You can buy this in your local gardening supplies store. Remember that it is best to use netting as a garden pest control method only after pollination as some mesh is too thin for even bees to fly through.

Ward Off Animals and Critters

Aside from birds, small animals such as free range chickens, rabbits and deer also love to munch on the leaves and fruits of goji berry plants. A good garden pest control for such animals is a sturdy fence that is at least half your own height.

Fight Off Insects with Herbs

Unlike birds, insects let their sense of smell lead them to the goji berry fruits. In order to sidetrack these pests, plant herbs in between your goji trees. Try planting mint, chives, mustard, rosemary, Coriander and other herbs that are not favored by beetles, aphids and other insects.

Other Tips

Cleaning and pruning your trees every fall season is an effective natural garden pest control. Decaying and damaged branches left on the tree will not only attract various insects, but will also make your tree prone to diseases and fungi. Although this type of strategy might not ward off birds, at least it would help prevent insects and common diseases from damaging your trees.

Lastly, schedule the watering of your plants in the morning so that they are kept dry for the most of the day. Wet and damp goji trees attract insects and other pests.