Protecting Your Jade Plant from Insects

Jade plant in a pot
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-20
What You'll Need
Rubbing alcohol
Spray bottle
Mild Soap
Tissue or duster
Soil moisture testing kit

The jade plant is a beautiful plant, generally used as an indoor house plant. It originates from regions of Southern Africa. The Jade plant is also called a money plant. It promotes a beautiful green and yellow leaf. It is planted and found in small and large containers alike. Although beautiful, the jade plant attracts all sorts of insects and critters. In order to maintain the beauty of your Jade plant, you must protect them from insects. Here are several approaches you should try to protect your Jade plant from insects that cause disease, harm and possibly death of your Jade plants.

Step 1 - Use Rubbing Alcohol

If you see tiny scale insects (they are usually small, brown in color), take some rubbing alcohol and rub the plant leaves with the alcohol. If the insects are climbing over on multiple branches, put the alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the leaves. Take a tissue or a duster and bring the plant outside. Flick or dust the hanging insects off the plant. Bring the plant back inside.

Step 2 - Protect from Chill, Cold, and Damp Exterior Weather Conditions

Jade plant in a white pot

To prevent moths or mealy type bugs (These bugs are the most common types of bugs that form on a Jade plant), keep your Jade plant in a warm place. The warmth of the location will heat the soil, thereby removing the moist conditions that these types of bugs need to harvest and live off your Jade Plant. A Jade plant will appreciate at least four hours of sunlight a day, more if possible. They generally do well in light morning sunlight and afternoon sunlight. Keep your Jade plant out of the highest heat of the day. Avoid giving young Jade plants much direct sunlight.

Step 3 - Watering Needs and Requirements

Similar to Step 2, watch how much you water your Jade plant. The soil should always be to the dry side or a little moist. Overwatering will promote moss and mealy bugs. Over watering your Jade plant will also produce root rot. The roots will accumulate mold and mildew and sometimes the mealy type bugs. Jade plants need infrequent watering. Test the soil with a soil moisture testing kit in order to accurately determine your Jade plant’s watering needs.

Step 4 - Use Mild Soapy Water Solution

Leaves of a jade plant

Soapy water will prevent the accumulation of dust mites and spider mites. Add a little soap to the bottom of a spray bottle (a dab will do). Fill the spray bottle with warm water and then shake. Spray the leaves of your plants. Do not over soak and drown the leaves. The leaves should be left with a small glisten or glean from the soapy water. Repeat every couple months or more frequently if you see the presence of dust mites or spider mites. For this step, use regular dish soap. Do not use or purchase insecticide soap for your Jade plant. The insecticide soap may damage and kill your plant.