Protective Finishes for Wood Patios and Decks

No matter what kind of wood you’ve chosen for your deck or patio, you should protect it with a coat of wood deck sealant. Most exterior wood deck finishes may be chosen according to the look you want to achieve. This article discusses various methods of applying deck finish in order to enhance it decoratively, and also to protect it for seasons to come.

Whatever finish you apply, be sure that your wood has been treated with a preservative and water repellant so it will last from season to season. Even redwood and cedar should ideally be treated with water repellant for extra protection. A popular preservative for decking is pentachlorophenol, which is both odorless and clear. It must be applied generously to all exposed decking and its substructure. It will soak into the wood quickly and it should be used as a primer no matter what deck finish you wish to apply.

Paint is often chosen for decks to either compliment the color of the house or possibly contrast with it for a decorative appeal. Choose a cool day devoid of wind to begin your project. The first requirement is a high quality paint manufactured for outdoor use. A quick-drying, self- priming paint like alkyd paint will be ideal. After you have applied the water repellant, apply a primer and finally your finishing paint. Be sure to allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next. For best results, use two coats of finish.

There are a variety of stains to consider if you simply wish to enhance the beauty of the wood or desire a more rustic effect for your decking. A heavy bodied stain will show off the grain but obscure the wood’s texture. A light bodied stain allows the texture to remain visible. Both are fine to use. You will need to coat both with a sealant that is specified as “non-chalking” so it cannot be rubbed off by shoes or patio furniture.

Also, don’t stain right away once your deck construction is complete. It is preferable to let the wood stand out in hot dry weather for a good month, making it better able to absorb the stain. You will also need to apply an additional coat of stain every two or three years as it will wear away in that time.

Finally, some deck owners who install a redwood or cedar deck want the weathered and bleached effect wood gets after years of exposure to the elements. If you want to speed up this bleaching process, you can purchase decking bleach to achieve this look overnight.

Because you’ve made a considerable investment in purchasing materials and constructing your deck, it makes sense to guarantee the life of your investment with a protective finish. For the sake of beauty and long-lasting usage, protective finishes are a must for your wooden structures.