Providing Winter Care for Your Caladium

Caladium plants are a tropical perennial that provides amazing foliage from their large colorful leaves. They grow very fast and can be easily grown in colder climates. However, they must be brought inside or the frost will kill them.

Winter Precautions

One of the big precautions when growing Caladium is to make sure that there is no danger of frost. Well before the first frost hits you will need to dig up the tubers and winter them in an open container with some moisture. Keep in warm area.

Transplant To Pots Inside

Caladium plants, besides being a great plant for summer weather, will also make a great houseplant. If you live in a zone 8 or higher, you can dig up the root area and transplant the flower into a new pot for continued growth inside. Carefully dig the plant out of the ground and shake off any excess dirt. Place some potting soil inside a pot and then finish filling once the plant is in it.

Keep Near Sun

No matter if you are going to store the tubers or are transplanting to a new pot, you must keep them near the sun. The warmth from the sunlight will help them stay healthy over the winter and continue to keep their vibrant color.