Prune and Propragate Angel Wing Begonia Cuttings

An angel wing begonia is a beautiful addition to any garden. With its spotted foliage and clusters of flowers, they add great texture and color to backyard flower gardens. An Angel Wing Begonia can be planted directly into the ground from cuttings and will grow easily without a lot of interference.


Start your angel wing begonias in a pot to get them rooted. Add some peat moss to the soil to a depth of about 8 inches, as the Begonias have shallow roots. Transfer the rooted cuttings to the ground in the Spring time. Plant at least 4 inches apart in soil that is fast draining.


Once the plant has become established and has begun to grow, you will need to prune it back to keep it bushy and full. Prune back the last two sets of leaves from the ends of branches. Prune back any dead leaves you see or branches that are starting to grow back into the bush.


You should always propagate angel wing begonias in the Spring from cuttings. These cuttings should have 4 leaf joints where two are planted under the soil. Remove the bottom leaves, and add a rooting hormone to the soil to encourage new roots to grow. Cover the cutting with a bag and mist inside the bag once a week or when it looks dry.