Prune Your Blueberry Bush Properly

A perfectly pruned blueberry bush will give you delicious fruit for years. Pruning keeps bushes at a good picking level and the fruit that the bush bears healthy and tasty.

Cut First Year Buds

Cut flower buds off the first year. Give your blueberry bush time to stretch its roots and get comfortable in its new home. The blueberries that come on next season will be bigger and better, and well worth the wait.

Prune in the Winter

The best time to prune to shape is the winter. Keep as many branches open to the sun as possible. Never clip too much back as it may weaken the bush. Keep your blueberry bush at easy picking height. Prune bottom branches off for easier access to the blueberries. 

Trim Strays or Unhealthy Shoots

Throughout the season, remove any unhealthy looking spots. Keep the natural shape of the blueberry bush by trimming off any strays. If necessary, cut out some large branches. This will let more sun to the inner branches and ultimately allow for a healthier fruit production.

    Keep your blueberry bush pruned and shaped for the best sun exposure. You will have bigger and better blueberries year after year. Keep pruned and groomed for easy picking. You will want to get every blueberry.