Pruning a Young Persimmon Tree

Pruning a young persimmon tree is very important to the overall development of the tree as it begins to grow and yield fruit. The pruning will help get rid of unnecessary new branches and will let the tree concentrate on growing rather than spreading out.

Prune Once a Year

Make it a point to prune you persimmon tree at the same time each year. This can be either in late winter or early spring. Use this time to remove old and diseased branches. Pruning will help new growth begin as it comes out of a frost period.

Prune in a Pyramid Shape

For best growth and fruit production, you should prune the tree in the shape of pyramid or vase. The limbs should be about 3 feet from the ground and need at least 1 foot of space between limbs.

Remove Cross Branches

You should remove cross branches and those through the center of the tree.

Fruit Is on New Growth

Remember that the fruit grows on the tree's new growth. Pruning will help stimulate that growth but remember not to get carried away when you prune. Leave 2/3 of the growth on the tree so you will have a more mature healthy tree with better fruit.