Pruning Orange Trees Step-By-Step

The proper care for your orange trees is essential if you want to enjoy fresh oranges for any length of time. Pruning is essential to this. Here is the best way to prune your orange tree perfectly.

Time Of Year

Depending on what zone you live in, the pruning will need to be done at different times. The best time to prune an orange tree will be sometime between January and March. Check with your local garden cooperative to find out what the best time is for your zone.

Prepare Your Tools

Clean, sharp tools are essential for proper orange tree care. You'll want to clean your tools and sterilize them before use. A simple alcohol wipe will work to sterilize. This is important to prevent the spread of disease from one tree to another.

Cutting Branches

You want the center of the tree to be open to receiving maximum sunlight. To do this you'll want to cut branches that are crossing over to the center by using a vertical cut near the trunk. Any branches that are looking ill need to be removed as well. For larger branches you'll want to use a pruning saw.

Proper care for your orange tree includes proper pruning. As long as you keep your tree in good shape, you can enjoy fresh oranges off the tree for years!