Purchasing a Home Office Swivel Desk Chair Purchasing a Home Office Swivel Desk Chair

What You'll Need
Product Catalog
Computer with internet connection
Measuring tape
Pen or pencil
Screwdriver and/or pliers (for assembly, if necessary)

A swivel desk chair gives your home office the feel of being in a commercial office building. Purchasing the correct swivel desk chair will go a long way to making you more productive and comfortable in your home office setting. A few steps need to be followed to ensure that you select the correct swivel chair for your office space.

Step 1 – Measuring Your Space
Take a measuring tape and measure the space from under the desk drawer to the floor and from the left to right side of the desk opening. Write these numbers down; this will give you the height and width measurements for the chair. To measure the depth, take the tape and measure from the inside front of the desk opening to the just outside the middle drawer.

Knowing the height by with by length measurement helps you determine which chair will work best in the space. You may also which to measure the path between the desk and the wall or credenza, if you have one. That space should be a minimum of 6 inches to one foot (with no credenza) or one to two feet with a credenza.

Step 2 – Selecting a Swivel Desk Chair
You can either use the computer to search for office supply stores, or specialty stores that sell office chairs. You may also wish to visit a showroom and sit in several different types of swivel desk chairs to see how they feel.

Among the decisions you need to make concerning the chair are whether or not you prefer a plush leather chair or mesh type backing; do I need armrests or not, should the chair have a pneumatic chair lift. Each of these decisions will add to or subtract from the total cost of your chair.

Step 3 – Making the Purchase
Once you have decided on the type of chair, make the purchase. If you are buying the chair from a retailer, you should be able to take it home that same day. If you purchase from a store such as IKEA, you will need to have tools available in order to assemble the chair.

The process of purchasing a swivel desk chair is straightforward. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the chair you are considering to purchase or have selected, ask questions of the store personnel or contact the manufacturer’s customer support number.

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