Purchasing an Antique Armoire: 4 Things to Consider Purchasing an Antique Armoire: 4 Things to Consider

If you are planning to give your home a makeover and you have decided that you want your personal space to exude a classic style, you would want to consider purchasing antique armoire. The word “armoire” is a French word that refers to tall and standalone cupboard or wooden cabinet. This type of furniture was first used in the 16th century to store weaponry. Now, a classic antique armoire is widely used in homes to instantly add a timeless elegance to the interiors. If you decide to get one for your house, these are the factors that you should consider during your purchase to ensure that you end up with the perfect buy.

1. Condition

When you see the antique armoire that you like, the first thing you have to do is to examine the condition of the wood carefully. Some parts of the cabinet would appear scratch free. These areas include the sides, top, bottom, and the doors. However, you would find the surfaces of the furniture may be lined up with scratches and deep gouges. Scratches are normal parts of antiques. In fact, they are a good proof that what you are getting is an authentic antique. Just make sure that the wooden components are still in good condition. While you want something antiquated, you don’t want that item to suddenly fall or break apart while inside your home.

2. Size

It is also important to choose the right size. Just like with any furniture that you are buying, you need to get the size that is just right for the space where you intend to put it. An antique armoire that is too small for an enormous living room will not stand out. On the other hand, something that is too big will inevitably make a room look cramped. It can also throw off the symmetry of the room and furniture. This is why, when buying an antique armoire, it is crucial that you first measure the area of the room where you plan to put it. Bring a measuring tape as well to check the measurements of the furniture pieces that you are eyeing for. Doing this will help you purchase a piece that is just the right size for your home.

3. Style

As for style, make sure it complements the overall theme of the house as well as the particular space where you will put it. For example, if you intend to decorate a clean and minimalistic room with an antique armoire, go for one that does not have too elaborate designs. Keep furnishings and color scheme in mind as well to ensure that what you buy complements the look of your home.

4. Price

Unless money is no object, you have to find out if the antique is priced justifiably. Check if the piece has been professionally appraised. If not, consider having it appraised before you shell out the money. In this day and age, it pays to be extra careful when money is involved. You would not want to spend a great deal of money on something that has just been painted to look distressed. 

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