Purple Berries: Elderberry And Chokeberry

Elderberry and Chokeberry are two purple berries that your may not know a great deal about, but they have unique properties.


The elderberry grows on a bush called an elder tree or elder bush. These bushes grow quickly, and grow in many climates.

A very hardy plant, they are found beside streams and near roads, particularly where there is damp soil. The plants have compound leaves and small white flowers in the spring, while the berries themselves are very dark and small and come in the summer.


Chokeberries are deciduous shrubs from the northeastern part of the North American continent. They like wet growing conditions, and can be found in swamps and damp woods.

The leaves are simple, not compound, and turn a dark red in the fall. The berries grow as small pones that are quite astringent to the taste. The berries are inedible to humans raw, because of the astringency, but safe to be consumed by birds. If cooked, they are edible for humans and can provide a high value of antioxidants.