Push Mower Pros and Cons

Using a push mower is an old way of mowing that has become new again. With the rising popularity of this alternative to power mowers, many are considering the pros and cons of switching.


The main advantage for the push mower is its green appeal. Push mowers use no gas and create no pollutants. They are also silent, cutting noise pollution and the irritation of your neighbors.

The financial impact is positive with push mowers. The initial purchase cost for the mower is lower and there are no maintenance costs for gas, spark plugs or tune ups. Also, blades on a push mower need sharpening less often.

Push mowers require more effort to run, but most fitness conscious people consider this a plus. Using a push mower is great exercise.


Push mowers must be used regularly, often weekly, because once the grass gets too tall the blades simply push it over instead of cutting it. Woody and tough weeds can't be cut with a push mower. Lawns with irregular surfaces aren't the recipient of an even trim, and the width of the tires makes it difficult to cut up to the edges of fences and flowerbeds.

Even the fitness obsessive may find a push mower too much effort for a large lawn.