Putting Chains on Car Tires for Winter Weather Putting Chains on Car Tires for Winter Weather

Your car tires can handle a number of road conditions. But when the weather turns frightful, your tires need assistance. With chains on your car tires, you can manage snowy and icy winter conditions, helping you continue with your life even when the weather wants to slow you down.

Why You Need Chains

Snow chains help cars have traction in the snow and ice. This is especially important in areas where there are steep mountain passes which can be difficult for cars, even in good weather. In some areas, snow chains are necessary in order to drive on the road. You might see signs which direct you to place chains on your tires in a certain area before moving forward. Even four-wheel drive vehicles need assistance on snowy passes.

Safety First

Before the winter comes, it’s a good idea to try out your chains. This way, you can learn how to apply your snow chains without the snow falling in your face. It’s essential you become comfortable with this process in order to put your chains on your car tires the right way every time. When it’s dry and warm out, take out your snow chains and practice. Always make sure the car has the parking brake engaged before you begin.

Where the Chains Go

Check with the tire manufacturer to see what snow chains are best for your car tires. The chains need to be the proper size in order to fit securely. If you do not have the proper size of chains, you should not drive in dangerous conditions. Front wheel drive cars will need to have snow chains on the front two tires, rear wheel drive cars should have the chains applied to the rear tires. Place the chains by the corresponding wheels.

Putting the Chains On

Place the chain on the tire, starting at the top, laying the chain over the entire tire. Push the rest of the chain on the rest of the tire as best you can. Once both sides have been chained, then turn the car on and move forward a few feet to allow the bottom of the tire to be revealed for the rest of the chain to be put into place. Repeat the process with the rest of the chain. Tighten the chains on both sides of the car with the closer link. Drive a little bit further, stop, and tighten the chains again to fit the tires more closely.

Testing for Proper Placement

As you drive, your car ride will be bumpier, but that’s because of the chains. It’s normal. Check your chains before heading out much further. Stop the car, check to be sure the chains are still locked on and do not have extra space between the chain and the car tires. If there is slack, continue to tighten the chains.

Taking the chains off the car tires is a simpler process. Simply reverse the steps to put the chains on and enjoy the freedom of being able to drive those snowy passes this year.

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