Putting Green Accessories: How to Make a Golf Ball Washer

For your home putting green accessories, you are likely going to require a ball washing machine. You can, of course, buy one or you can make one yourself from recycled parts. While golf ball washers are not exactly expensive they can be made very cheaply using surplus used parts and a plastic tub. There are variations on the theme of golf ball washers and you can choose any style which you think will be easy to assemble from used parts. This particular style operates on a similar basis to a salad washer, which has a crank handle.

Preparation is Everything

Drill a hole in the tub bottom and insert a drain gasket and drain plug in the hole. The drain plug will be removed when you need to change the water.

Measure the height of the tub and mark about 1 inch above the horizontal center line on each side. Mark the middle of each side of the tub and drill holes in the side just wide enough that you can slip the crank handle through from one hole to the other. Do a test to make sure it fits, then remove it from one hole.

Brushes and Impeller

Fit the crank bushing around the impeller. Slip one brush, facing away from the edge of the tub onto the crank handle rod. Place the impeller onto that rod in front of the brush and then insert the second brush facing the impeller. Add retainer clips to outsides of each fitting to prevent movement. Slip the rod of the crank handle back through the second hole and secure it in situ. Fit retainer clips on the inside and outside of each end of the crank handle to prevent it moving.

The Tub Lid

The lid of the tub now has to be prepared for the golf ball. Place the tub lid on the tub and mark a square hole about 3x3 inches. Using the drill and a dry wall saw cut the hole exactly above the impeller and brushes. Lightly sand the edges of the cut to ensure there are no sharp bits. Replace the lid tightly onto the tub and make sure the hole lines up perfectly with the impeller.

Using Water

Use clean warm water and place some inside the tub, (either taking the lid off or pouring through the hole) and fill it to just under half way. You can now test your home made golf ball washer. Place a golf ball inside the hole and let it settle on the impeller. Turn the crank handle slowly and watch the ball disappear into the mechanism. It will get brushed as it passes under the water level and then dry brushed as it comes around the impeller, being held in place by the crank bushing. Your ball, now cleaned, will be returned back to the top so you can retrieve it.