Putting Green Maintenance

So you’ve joined the growing throng of golfers who’ve just installed a putting green in your back yard. Good for you. Now comes the not so fun part: putting green maintenance.

If you’ve gone for the fully natural look and performance that real grass gives, your putting green will need lots of care. You will need to mow that green every other day,as well as make sure it’s irrigated, fertilized and rolled frequently. This requires specialized equipment such as a reel mower to cut the grass as short as is needed for a putting green, an irrigation system, a fertilizer spreader, and a deep tine aerator.

If you’ve selected a synthetic turf, it may require less frequent putting green maintenance than real grass does, but there are still many things to do to keep your turf looking and performing at its best. Rake, vacuum and use a leaf blower to keep all debris off your turf, hand picking up stray items as necessary. Wet the turf, especially in very hot weather. Wash and sanitize it regularly with common household cleaners and, yes, treat it for weeds and pests.

If you care for your green like you care for your time at the tee, you’ll have a home putting green that will do you proud and give you lots of enjoyment for years to come.