Putting in a Garden Trellis

plant growing up a trellis
What You'll Need
Stakes for fence posts
Wire ties
Four stakes
Drill or masonry nails
Hammer or screwdriver

Installing a garden trellis is not difficult and requires no special tools or knowledge. Here are the steps for installing three kinds of trellises: A fence trellis, a vine trellis and a wall trellis.

Putting in a Trellis Fence

Step 1 - Placing the Posts

Mark out the exact location where you plan to place the trellis fence.

If you are using trellis panels, pound the fence posts into the ground at intervals equal to the length of each panel. If you are using a concertina trellis, place the fence posts every three feet.

Step 2 - Secure the Trellis to the Posts

grapes growing up a trellis

Use the wire ties to secure the trellis to the posts. You can nail the panels to the posts to give it a more permanent structure. With the concertina trellis you can adjust the height of the fence quite considerably but nailing it to the posts would not be recommended.

Step 3 - Allow for a Gate

Leave one panel so it is removable to act as a gate if necessary. Leave one end of the concertina trellis loose for the same reason. Although not as robust as a normal fence, a trellis fence is very serviceable and can divide a garden very effectively.

Putting in a Vine Trellis

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

Clear the area where the vine trellis is to be installed. If the vine already exists it must be carefully moved away from the area in which you will be working.

Step 2 - Position the Trellis

Examine the vine trellis and check that it has no broken parts. If this is a typical arched vine trellis, put it in the position that you intend to install it and mark where the base is.

Step 3 - Secure the Trellis

Using the base markers, pound the four stakes into the ground. Position the vine trellis against the stakes and use the wire ties to secure the trellis in position. The wire ties can be replaced by something stronger when the trellis has settled after a few days.

Step 4 - Drape the Vine

Once the trellis is safely secured you can carefully rearrange the vine so it drapes over the arch trellis. If the vine can be brought up both sides of the arch, you will have more stability. If the vine is new, it can be threaded through the trellis and then allowed to establish its own path.

Putting in a Wall Trellis

Ivy growing up a trellis

Step 1 - Position the Trellis

Determine the position on the wall where you want to fix the trellis. Hold the trellis against the wall and mark where the fixing rings are.

Step 2 - Insert the Masonry Nails

If the wall will accept them, hammer masonry nails into the positions you have marked. The nails should be two inches long. Hammer them just far enough to leave ½ inch protruding from the wall. Note: Remember that masonry nails are driven better with a tapping technique. Hitting them hard can be painful if you are holding them in your fingers.

If the wall will not take masonry nails drill holes where the rings are marked and use wall plugs and screws to fit the trellis.

Step 3 - Secure the Trellis

Hang the wall trellis from the nails or use the screws. Installing garden trellis makes such a difference for so little effort.