PVC Drain Pipe Replacement

What You'll Need
Replacement drain pipe
Hack saw
Putty knife

If you are facing problems with your PVC drain pipe, take immediate action to fix the problem. You can replace the drain yourself and save a lot of money in the process. It is not time consuming and can be completed within a few hours.

Step 1 – Starting Point

Make sure to have your work gloves on before you set out on replacing the drain pipe. Also having a plastic sheet to cover yourself would keep your clothes from getting wet.

Step 2 – Locating the Problem Area

Examine the PVC drain. Look for the section of pipe that has been damaged. After you locate the pipe, with the help of the hack saw, cut the damaged pipe.

Step 3 – Supplies

At your hardware store, buy a replacement pipe for your PVC drain. Use the damaged pipe as a sample while buying the new one.

Step 4 – Coupling

A coupling will hold the new installation of the drain pipe in place. Test the fit by sliding the coupling in the pipe. The sleeve and the pipe should fit well.

Step 5 – Smoothing the Edges

Before you start the replacement process, even out the two edges from which the damaged pipe section was cut off. The putty knife is an apt tool for this smoothing process. This will help in the installation process.

Step 6 – The Drain Pipe Measurement

Ascertain the length of the replacement drain pipe by referring to the old one for measurement.

Step 7 – Sanding the Ends

Before installing the drain pipe into the PVC drain, sand the outer area at the top of the replacement pipe. Use sandpaper with fine grit to clean the drain pipe.

Step 8 – Primer

A primer has to be applied on the pipe. The primer has to be compatible with the PVC material. So make sure to pick up a product which will gel with the PVC.

Step 9 – Glue

With a brush, apply the glue to the interior top section of the coupler.

Step 10 – Inserting the Coupler

Before you attach the coupler make sure to thread the ends of the pipe with a suitable tool. Clean the threaded surface and add joint compounds to avoid leaks. Now carefully insert the sleeve or coupler into the replacement drain pipe.

Step 11 – Repeat

Repeat steps 8 and 9 on the other end of the replacement drain pipe.

Step 12 – Finish Up

Apply heavy solvent on both ends and attach the drain pipe to the PVC drain. While inserting the drain pipe into the PVC drain give it an extra twist to make sure it fits properly. Hold it in place for a minute or so.