PVC Greenhouse Frame Benefits and Drawbacks

PVC pipes.

Those that have experience of gardening can boast of the many advantages of the PVC greenhouse frame. Being lightweight, efficient, and cost-effective, PVC is quickly becoming one of the more popular materials for greenhouse frames. Despite the many advantages to PVC there are still a few drawbacks.

The Efficiency of PVC

A greenhouse built from PVC is highly efficient in terms of temperature retention. The temperatures inside will be sustainable while energy loss should be minimized compared to frames built with other materials. Seedlings will prosper just as well while housed in a PVC framed greenhouse.

Lightweight and Flexible

PVC is a very lightweight material. It is easy to lift and easy to manipulate. This makes the whole building process of a greenhouse much simpler. Transporting, shaping, and molding are far simpler with PVC than with wood or steel framed greenhouses. The lighter weight of the material means that the greenhouse can possibly be moved if the need arises. Alternatively, a PVC frame can usually be dismantled quite easily.


PVC pipes are, on average, far cheaper than other materials. This makes the creation of a greenhouse much more of a viable option for many who would ordinarily not be able to afford one. Many PVC framed greenhouses can be built for just a few hundred dollars.

PVC plans are also readily available on the Internet and most DIY stores, making it a project that most people can accomplish in a sensible period of time. The PVC framed greenhouse can also be built with quite a simple selection of tools. Wood- and steel-framed greenhouses cost far more to build and take much more effort to erect. Most gardeners have to have them installed by a professional as these are beyond the scope of those with just basic DIY skills.


PVC is a great material for standing up to the elements. It is highly resistant to adverse weather and will not rot or rust. Wood, metal, and some steel-framed greenhouses cannot boast these advantages. Wood is subject to rotting while metal and steel can rust over a period of time. The only drawback in this area is due to PVC’s lighter weight, making it vulnerable to strong gusts of winds.

The Look

One of the drawbacks of the PVC framed greenhouse is how it looks. Although it can hardly be described as hideous, it can lack the charm and rustic appearance of a wooden framed greenhouse. PVC framed greenhouses also lack that traditional feel that old metal framed and glass-windowed greenhouses have. The plastic piping and covering can look slightly shabby if put together without due care and attention.

Temporary Feel

One of the drawbacks to using a lightweight, plastic material is that it looks a little temporary. By nature, the PVC frame lacks the feel of blending in with the home environment. Many wood framed greenhouses can look like they are extensions or added rooms because they are so well designed.