PVC Molding

PVC molding is a popular material that is used in the building industry today. Here are the basics of PVC molding and what you should know about it.

PVC Molding

PVC molding is a type of molding that is used frequently as an alternative to traditional wood molding. It is often used because it is less expensive than solid wood molding. You can use PVC molding in a variety of different applications. This type of molding can be used indoors, but it is frequently used outdoors because it is not susceptible to water damage.

Easy Installation

PVC molding also presents you with a very simple installation process. First of all, you will not have to paint or stain the molding because it comes already colored. When you purchase wood molding, by comparison, you will have to paint it before you can install it. This adds time to the installation process.

To adhere the PVC molding to the wall, you can use a special adhesive for the job. You can apply this adhesive with a caulk gun and then hold the molding in place for about 1 minute. From that point, the molding should be installed and the job completed.

PVC molding presents you with one of the fastest and least expensive molding options for your home.