Pyrus Calleryana: How to Prune the Flowering Pear

What You'll Need
Pruning shears
Garden scissors
Work gloves

The pyrus calleryana, when pruned, will provide a very pretty, natural shape. With proper care, your pear tree will provide you with fruit and beauty for a long time to come. Here is a guide to pruning the flowering pear tree.

Step 1 – Choose the Best Time to Prune

If any branches appear to be sick or broken you should prune them regardless of the time of year to keep your flowering pear healthy. Right before springtime is the best time to prune this deciduous tree. When you are pruning you may need several different sizes of pruners at hand. This of course depends on the size and consistency of the branch. If you live in a warmer climate you should prune your tree in the summertime.

Step 2 – Thinning Cuts

Make sure that any cuts you make are clean. Also, try not to cut into the trunk or branch. It’s better to do more pruning earlier on with your tree. You will only need to thin out your tree every few years.

Step 3 – Cleaning Cuts

Prune any shoots that come up around the tree as well as any branches that do not seem to be pointing up. Any branches that are not getting sunlight are not necessary. There should only be 1 top branch; any competition that grows near it should be pruned.