Answers to Your Driveway Questions Answers to Your Driveway Questions

Q. If you just poured a drive, how long would it be until you can actually park on it?

A. Concrete actually reaches its functional full strength in 28 days.

Q. I got my driveway paved in October and now that it is spring, I am seeing grass and weeds growing up through the asphalt. Will sealing the driveway take care of this problem? I have sprayed Round Up on it but I don't know if that will work.

A. The roundup will kill the growth. The asphalt must be thin to already have cracked enough for plants to start. Sealing it should help close these issures.

Q. My carport has a few low spots where water collects when it rains heavy. I'm going to paint the carport, but how do I level the concrete first?

A. You could use a concrete resurface to fill and level shallow places. Screeding the small areas will enable more leveling of the overall surface.

Q. I just wanted to know what has to be done on a new fresh pavement driveway just a few hours old. What has to be done the next few days?

A. Keep it moist for a few days. You don't have to keep a sprinkler going, but just keep it moist, especially if a curing compound was not used. You can walk on it the next day. You can drive on it when the professional who poured it says you can. He knows what kind of concrete was used.

Q. I have a cement sidewalk that has cracked in multiple areas right where it meets my field stone foundation. How can I patch this up?

A. Where a concrete sidewalk meets a house is a good place for an expansion joint because of the movement. Consider filling the crack with an elastomeric caulk for this purpose. This will fill the void and provide flexibility.

Q. I have already put down Quickrete Resurfacer in carport a couple of weeks ago. It said it doesn't need a sealer so I didn't seal it. It's starting to get hairline cracks in it, and it seems to still be attached to the carport. I had been waiting to paint until it was completely dry. Should I go ahead and paint, or is this just going to get worse?

A. Painting it will probably seal up the cracks' appearance. Be sure the concrete is old enough to paint per the manufacturer's instruction on the paint can.

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