Quarter Round Molding Installation Tips

Installing quarter round molding can be a quick and easy way to finish off a room. However, if you do not install the quarter round properly, it can look like a very cheap solution. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when installing quarter round molding.

Stain First

Many people will try to install the quarter round and then paint it or stain it later. While you can do this, it will increase the likelihood of getting paint or stain it on your flooring or wall. This will be much easier if you paint or stain the quarter round outside and then apply it to the wall.

Use a Finish Nailer

If you try to install quarter round throughout a room or an entire house, it could take a substantial amount of time with a hammer. By using a finish nailer, you can significantly cut down the amount of time it takes to complete the job. This will also reduce the likelihood of damaging the quarter round with a hammer.

Wood Filler

Once you have nailed the quarter round into place, you should consider filling the nail holes with a wood filler. This will provide you with a professional looking installation. Then paint or stain the wood filler to match the rest of the quarter round.