Quick and Easy Tips for Tile Threshold Removal Quick and Easy Tips for Tile Threshold Removal

In a doorway where  you have a tile threshold separating tile from a different type of floor covering such as carpet, you may wish to remove this threshold. Here are 3 tips that will help you accomplish this quite simply.

Tip 1 – Plan the Your Meeting Point

Once you've removed the screws that hold your metal threshold to the floor, you'll need to bring the two flooring materials together. This meeting point should be directly beneath the door, not in the middle of the center of the door casing. Remember, the door, when closed, is not positioned in the door casing's center.

Tip 2 – Install a Second Tack Strip

Remove the metal threshold. In a position that will be under the door, install a tack strip that runs parallel with the tack strip that was already there, using a drill, bit, and molly screws. This will leave a space between the two tack strips. Fill this space with a latex carpet seam sealer.

Tip 3 -  Join Your Tile and Carpet Edges

Fold back the carpet and mark the edge where it had ended. Install your C-tile to this marked line, then attach the carpet so that its edge lines up with the tile edge. Stretch or trim your carpet to fit properly at this meeting point.

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