Quick and Lasting Fixes for Hinge Plate Problems Quick and Lasting Fixes for Hinge Plate Problems

Problems with a door hinge plate can cause squeaks, poor door movement and closure, and misaligned, sagging doors. Some quick and lasting fixes for hinge plate problems are outlined below.

Squeaking Hinges

Oil the hinge, screws and plates with a solvent like WD40 or 3 in 1. If the hinge continues to squeak, tighten the screws in the hinge plate. Further squeaking may be caused by swelling of the wood behind the hinge plate. Remove the offending hinge plate and plane the door behind it. Reattach the hinge plate, with clean, lubricated screws.

Sagging Hinges

If the screw holes are too loose, remove the hinge plate and fill the screw holes with wood epoxy. Allow the epoxy fill to dry thoroughly and sand the filled holes with fine sandpaper. Reattach the hinge about 1mm over and up from the filled holes, so the screws bite into new wood as well as the wood filler. If your door sags at the top, replace the center screw of the topmost hinge plate with a longer, 2-1/2 inch screw. Angle the screw downward toward the door jamb for a snug fit.

Loose Hinge Plates

Remove the hinge plate and insert 1 or more thin shims behind it. Tighten the hinge screws so the door moves smoothly.


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