Quick Fixes for Sliding Wardrobe Doors Quick Fixes for Sliding Wardrobe Doors

There are a few easy ways to fix sliding wardrobe doors if something goes wrong. Here is a quick guide to help you get your sliding door back on track in no time.

Clean the Track

Cleaning and maintaining the track can help fix or prevent any problems with opening and closing the sliding door. You can use a vacuum to get any dust or debris out, as well as a rag and a metal cleaner to wipe out the track itself.

Coat with Wax

Using some sort of wax, like boat wax, can help keep the sliding door moving properly. You can apply the wax when installing it, or if you take it off to clean it. Apply a thin, even layer and you will keep it moving swiftly.

Keep the Track Straight

If you find that the track is starting to bend at all, there is a simple method that can help you fix it. Take a block of wood and put it on one of the sides. Then, you can use a hammer to pat out the other end. This will help straighten out the track and allow it to form back to the original shape.

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